Could Workout Supplements Be The Cause Of Your Erectile Dysfunction?

work out supplements

Do you want a great body? One that will have the opposite sex lining up for us? Don’t we all? So what do we do? We head to the gym for hours several times a week. However we are still not getting the results we were looking for, so we look into other options on how to maximize our workouts. Then we choose a workout supplement and start looking great! However, there is an issue. We then notice we find it hard to get an erection when we did previously. Could it be the supplements?

So which type of workout supplements has been known to cause erectile dysfunction?

Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone levels fall fast when you hit 50 years old, but did you know that your testosterone actually starts dropping in your mid 30’s? But a lack of testosterone can cause serious erectile dysfunction issues. This is where testosterone boosters come in. They can help bring back your testosterone levels to a good level, assuming you are taking them correctly. You should get your doctor’s advice before using this as a trying these supplements.


Steroids hit their maximum popularity back in the 1980s & 1990s. Every man and his dog were using this drug and so were bodybuilders and even professional athletes. Everyone was getting great results, well at least in all the muscles expect for the one that counts. Little did they know that steroids shrink your testicles and therefore decreasing your body’s ability to make testosterone. This usually leads to a more serious case of erectile dysfunction. We find it so strange that some people still use steroids today with all the known side effects.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide (NO) supplements are a much healthier and in most cases natural alternative to steroids. Although they do not show the same unbelievable results as steroids, they also do work great. And without those nasty side effects. NO supplements increase your muscles oxygen levels which allows them to work out harder and for longer. NO supplements also decreasing your recovery time and allowing you to get back into the gym faster. And the best thing about NO supplements is that they are erection safe. If in the odd chance you do suffer from erection issues, stop taking these supplements right away and see your doctor.


Yes yes, this is not a supplement. But it is definitely a point worth making as it has such a strong effect on getting an erection. Stress leads to increased levels of hormone adrenaline which leads to the blood vessels contracting. Make sure you remain relaxed to maximize results. If you are stressed out even with other solutions, they may not work due to the impact that stress has on your body.