Relaxing Things To Do To Take Your Mind Off Erectile Dysfunction


You need to be relaxed to get an erection. So if you are all nervous and are tensing up, the chances are that you will not achieve an erection. Here are some things that helped me in my journey and they could possibly help you too.

Relaxation Techniques / Meditation

Relaxation techniques and meditation are great to clear the mind. I usually use headphones with relaxing music and no lyrics. I simply get lost in the music and let all my other thoughts melt away. This does take some practice though, make a conscious effort to realize when you are starting to think of something else for example going shopping etc.

Gym / Yoga

The gym is a great way to de-stress. Doing a hard workout with make you feel very relaxed afterwards. If you can’t go to the gm for whatever reason, try going for a run. I find that it always helps.


Another relaxing activity is golf. I love playing golf and I find walking down the fairways it gives you time to think and enjoy the scenery. However, there is a catch to this. If you are closer to the beginner side of golf you may experience some frustration as you will be looking for your balls in the trees. What I found helped was I used the Medicus Driver to help my golf game and ended up losing many less balls and less frustration. Now it is very relaxing for me.


Let’s face it, not all of us have beautiful hikes just around the corner. But for those of us who do, going for a hike in the mountains with great views is relaxing and rewarding. For those who live near the beach, a beach walk is just as good. Or a great winter hiking activity is snowshoeing. If none of these options work for you, go for a walk in your local park.

Hopefully these things help you relax like they did for me and get you on the right track.